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New Year’s Eve!!! Day 6 of our Video Marathon

It’s New Year’s Eve and 2013 has been a crazy one. We’ve done some amazing things like the Street Fest event, Skills London in the ExCel centre, our Highland’s Roadtrip (the video currently has 12,000 views), along with our King of the Road event at BUC in Cardiff and some awesome riding videos from all of our team members.

Check out the best of 2013 in our video below.

Thanks to, Stoats Oats, ATW Clothing, SuperNatural Energy and Loch Ness Motorhomes for making this our best year yet!

Festive Video Marathon: Day 5

Day 5 of our Festive Video Marathon brings a video from our newest member, Sam Goodburn.

If you’re interested in working with us or having us at one of your events, take a look at what we’ve done in the past. This is our 2014 showreel.

Yesterday’s video was from our newest member, Sam Goodburn. Check out some of his incredible skills below.

Day 4 in our Festive Video Marathon and a New Member of the Team

Our fourth video in our Festive series welcomes Sam Goodburn, the UK Freestyle champion to Team Voodoo.

Aside from a variety of Freestyle skills combined with his other performance skills, Sam is a beast at skinny riding and this video touches on those remarkable skills.

Welcome to the team Sam, we look forward to seeing more from you in 2014 and bringing a touch of class to our motley crew.

Yesterday’s video was from Mike Taylor. Ever wanted to improve your side hop? Check out this tutorial and learn from one of the best Trials riders in the world.

The Festive Video Marathon reaches Day 3

Continuing our rich vein of form, Day 3 of the video marathon brings our first tutorial.

Mike Taylor is considered one of the best Trials Unicyclists around, so who better to explain the foundation of Trials riding, the side hop. Mike breaks down and goes into detail about the key aspects of the unicycle sidehop including the Pre-hop, the pull and the tuck. With a side hop of almost a metre and a half, you know this man can get you hopping huge in no time.

Yesterday’s video was our tribute to departed rider, Edd Hawkes. Check it out below. To get all our videos delivered to your Youtube homepage so you never miss a beat, hit subscribe.

The Festive Video Marathon Continues: Day 2

Day 2 in our Festive Video Marathon is a video entitled “Edd Hawkes: The Voodoo Years”.

One of the founding members of Team Voodoo, Edd Hawkes, has departed and gone on to other things. We felt it necessary to make a tribute to the man who helped build Voodoo Unicycles from the ground up. This is a compilation of clips from Edd filmed between 2008 and his departure in 2013. The video features some of his best riding from Trials and Street to Muni along with television appearances, vlog banter and inspirational words.

Thanks to Edd for everything he contributed to Voodoo Unicycles over the years. He will forever inspire us and continue to motivate us to reach our true potential. When Trials and Street Unicycling goes mainstream, everyone will remember the name Edd Hawkes. Hopefully this small token of our appreciation serves as a tribute to him and his great work.

Yesterday’s video was “A Trials Unicyclist’s POV”. Check it out below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to make sure you don’t miss out on our Video Marathon.

Voodoo Unicycles: Festive Video Marathon

To celebrate the holiday season, we will be gifting you with 7 videos between now and New Year’s Day 2014.

We start the marathon off with this video, Presents: A Trials Unicyclist’s POV. very kindly gave us the Isaw camera, a competitor of the GoPro, to test out and what better way to push it to it’s limits than during a Voodoo Unicycles display. Team Voodoo rider Mike Taylor shows you what it’s like to be part of a Voodoo Unicycles, Extreme Unicycling display. Filmed at Guisborough Forest Festival in September 2013, this video shows you the actions from the point of view of a Trials Unicyclists including flatland tricks, jumping on platforms and hopping over members of the public.

A genuine taste of the Voodoo experience.

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Weekly Feature Re-up: An Interview with Justin Kohse

This weeks article is a little different, check out this interview we did with 24″ street and Muni legend Justin Kohse!


How many years have you been riding?

- 12 (I feel old )

What’s your favourite style of riding and why?

- Right now im really into street because im kind of too lazy to go ride muni…but I really miss the mountains.

Who are your major influences, within Unicycling and outside the sport?

- Within unicycling I’d have to say Kris Holm. I know a lot of people say that but the man keeps us a float ( oh and congrats to Kris and Shannon on the little one! ), Outside of the sport all I do is work. One of my big influences right now is Mark Coleran, awesome visual designer!

What is it like to have riders like Kris Holm, Dan Heaton and Kevin McMullin to ride with on a regular basis? How has it influenced your own riding?

- They do keep me going.

Kevin McMullin only recently moved to Vancouver. We use to trash talk each other over MSN, I think that helped a lot.
Kris and I ride every now and then, but not enough lately!
I haven’t seen Dan Heaton on a unicycle since the Vancouver Muni Weekend. If you read this Dan “We miss you”.


How has growing up near the North Shore influenced your riding?

- Honestly not that much. I grew up on Vancouver Island so I just stuck with the local trails. Although when I did move to Vancouver I couldn’t believe what I had at my disposal.
I do have to say that watching Kris Holm tear it up on the northshore definitely influenced me though.

How did it feel being a part of Defect, one of the most influential Unicycling DVDs of all time? Did you feel pressure appearing on film along side any other riders?

-Being a part of Defect was an amazing part of my life. I met a lot great people and i got to ride my unicycle all over. At the time I looked up to everyone in that movie, so the pressure was on to step it up

What was your favourite spot to ride during your visit to the UK?

- STOKE PLAZA! Although we did not get enough time to ride that park. I will be back.

We’ll hold you to that!
How has Unicycling changed since you started riding?

- Unicycling is ridiculous now. The technical level has spiked through the roof, i’m not really even sure I can name half of the flip tricks out there these days. Honestly i’m just glad the sport is still going.

How do you think it will change in the future?

- Eventually we’re going to reach a point where the amount of tricks will cap out. Once this happens the only place to go is to go bigger, I think this is when the sport will really get the recognition it deserves.
We’re really close to that point right now IMO.

Who’s your favourite Voodoo rider and why?

- That’s unfair. You know I love all you guys equally.

Any advice for new riders?

-Hardest part about this sport is the flak you get from some people for doing something you enjoy. To be honest, it does look kind of funny. Screw’em.

I guess that’s not really advice

Words: Justin Kohse
Photos: Leo Hawkes, Benjamin Costin, Rob Thomas