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Edd Hawkes: “I’m leaving”

Today brought the news that Edd Hawkes, one of our founding members and one of the UK’s most prolific Street, Trials and MUni riders has decided to call it a day. Edd saw the birth of the team back in 2008 but has come to the difficult decision that he must leave the team and pursue his other goals.

Regrettable, we let Edd go and out of respect to what he helped build, we will carry on without him, doing the great work he did with the team within the Unicycling community.
Right now, there are a lot of questions going around “Why?” “What’s next for Edd?” “Will he still be Unicycling?” “Will he return one day?”. Unfortunately, we can’t answer any of those questions but we wish Edd all the best and thank him for his tireless dedication, relentless work ethic, passion for our sport and the blood, sweat and tears he put into Voodoo Unicycles. We are truly in his debt and regret that he won’t be around to see us continue to grow.


Here’s Edd’s goodbye.

“It’s with a heavy heart I announce my departure from Voodoo Unicycles.
The concept was born while I was at school and came to fruition shortly after I began college, so has been with me for the best part of a decade. It’s been an amazing ride, seeing something I created develop and grow into something much bigger than I could ever have imagined. There’s been too many people that have helped along the way to thank individually, so I’ll just say thank you to everyone involved. You know who you are.
My journey with Voodoo has come to an end but I hope the brand continues to grow and push unicycling in new directions both in the mainstream and within unicycling itself.
It’s been one hell of a time guys, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Voodoo!”

IMG_7879 - Version 2

Keep an eye out in the next week as we celebrate Edd and his riding.

End of an era, start of another. The Voodoo movement continues…

Unicycle News by Emile Mathieu

Canadian rider and UNICON organiser, Emile Mathieu, fresh from the success of his recent Unicycle rider parody video (HEY! Where were our riders? Represent! :P ) has come up with a Unicycle News segment or to give it it’s full name “Unicycle news & stuff”. Emile talks about upcoming events in the Unicycling calendar as well as discussing Colby Thomas’ new best of video.

Rarely do we post other riders’ content but we at Team Voodoo think this is an awesome idea with lots of potential.

What do you guys think? Will you watch every episode? Is there enough news in Unicycling worth talking about? Is Emile’s face too intimidatingly attractive for constant viewing?

Hit up the view below and see for yourself.

Voodoo Unicycles: Highland Tour

In April, Team Voodoo riders Edd Hawkes, Jason Auld and Mike Taylor, joined by extended family member Alfred Hawkes embarked on the trip of a lifetime with the goal of conquering the rugged, yet breath-taking terrain of the Scottish Highlands. Accompanied by Beard Askew productions team, we set out to document the beautiful scenery and Voodoo’s attempt to integrate Street and Trials riding into an environment that was more used to hill walkers than hard riders.
With the support of SuperNatural energy drink, Stoats Porridge Oats, ATW Clothing, and Loch Ness Motor Homes, we had a truly life changing experience.


Check out the video below to see what it was like spending a week on the road with the Voodoo Unicycles boys in the wilderness of Scotland.

Weekly Feature Re-up: I really want to learn crankflips.

When I learnt to ride and started trying to learn tricks, they were considered one of the hardest tricks to learn. I have put them on some ridiculous pedestal so its frustrating when I see kids that have been riding a fraction of the time I have, happily flipping away. I have tried them on and off for a few years but they still elude me. Ten minutes ago I watched a video tutorial on how to do the wretched trick. Out I went, filled with fresh enthusiasm and renewed confidence. I found somewhere with a decent streetlight (It’s about 9pm and totally dark outside) and lined up my pedals so I would be attempting the trick in the brightest spot. I rolled upto the point I was aiming for and tried to flip the cranks, only they don’t flip. Instead my left crank only does a quarter rev, ending up at the bottom of its stroke and I land with my left foot hard on the pedal, my right foot on the floor. The sudden weight on one side of the unicycle forces it to jerk violently to the left, slamming the crown right into the side of my left knee. Agony surges through my knee and instantly any enthusiasm I had is gone. I hate this trick, why am I even trying to learn it?!


Now the pain has subsided and I am sitting contemplating what went wrong, I can’t help but think about learning to ride. I remember the first time I got on a unicycle. It felt impossible, there was no way I was going to master it. However, I stuck at it and although I must have fallen off a million times, I learnt in the end. If unicycling has taught me one thing, that thing would be to never give up on something you really want. Unicycling can be one of the most frustrating things you’ll ever do, but it can also be the most rewarding. Its a fact of life that nothing comes easy, unless you’re extremely lucky. If you want to be a footballer, an artist, scientist, racing driver, fireman or whatever, if you put the time and effort in, you can be anything you want to be.


I still really want to learn crankflips.

Words: Edd Hawkes
Photos: Edd Hawkes, Vincent Hickman, Steve Tse

Top Five Tuesday!

This weeks Top Five uses a photo straight from UNICON 16. Can you tell we’re missing the world championships?
Find out out where Eli Brill likes to ride, which Blink 182 song he likes best and which Renowned series video is his favourite. don’t forget you can check out all of the Top Fives in the gallery!


Weekly Feature Re-up: Conquer the fear!

It’s one thing riding a unicycle, but it’s another thing when you have to focus your mind to not fall and to relax even though your head is going crazy because you’re riding one along a bridge railing higher than a house and there is chance of serious injury or death. I’ve been riding several years now and still before the simplest of unicycle moves, trial lines and tricks, I have to relax and control my feelings so it gives me the best concentration for the certain move I’m doing. Having fear can create doubt in your riding and you don’t really want doubt when you’re riding along a rail 30 ft above concrete on one side and a main road on the other. Sure, fear is the body’s way of protection and staying safe but keeping your mind clear as possible is essential to focusing on the moment you are in and the moves you are performing. Any off putting thoughts can throw you off course and lead to a big mistake!


Controlling fear when you’re about to potentially injure yourself is nearly another skill in its self. If you allow thoughts to change what you are doing you’re going to give up or just not have the balls to go for it. I think to be good or have an edge at any sport you have to have strong mental abilities to achieve truly great results.


Visualise your moves and actions, control your fears and anything is possible, keep pushing yourself to go bigger and the last big thing you did will feel easy. The human body can do more things than you think; it’s just making yourself do it and wanting to do it that really makes a difference.


Don’t be scared to try new things! The feelings you achieve after are some of the best in life. Keep practising and pushing your skills to the limit, have a great time and enjoy it!

Don’t let fear stop you!

Words: Mike Taylor
Photos: Simon Berry, Edd Hawkes


UNICON 16 webisode series relaunch!

We launched the UNICON web series a few months ago but never finished it. We’ve done all the videos now, so we’re re-launching the series.
Rather than start them halfway through we thought we’d go right from the beginning again, so you don’t miss any of the action. Here’s the first webisode. We’ll release one episode every Friday. Enjoy!

UNICON 16 Webisodes dropping soon!

It’s been over a year since UNICON 16 finished and we’ve only just got round to editing all of the episodes for our mini web series. Better late than never, they are the perfect way to reminisce over the event last summer.

We’ll be releasing one webisode every Friday for the next few weeks. Check out the trailer below. Get hyped!