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Who’s seen our new video, High Maintenance?

We sent out the first load of wristbands along with the free DVD’s yesterday. That means some of our UK customers should recieve theirs today!

Who’s got their copy? Have you watched it yet? Let us know what you think and wear your wristbands with pride.


We’re still hard at work processing orders. The pile of free DVD’s is growing smaller all the time so if you haven’t put your order in, you’d better hurry! Grab your free copy of High Maintenance on DVD with every order for wristbands from our webshop.

Still time to grab your FREE High Maintenance DVD!

Following the release of our brand new full team video ‘High Maintenance’ we’ve been flat out here at Voodoo HQ processing wristband orders. Big thanks to everyone who has placed an order so far.


We’ve sent a load out this morning but if you haven’t got your order in yet, don’t worry! There are still plenty of DVDs to be given away with every order for wristbands. Head to our shop to buy wristbands and recieve your free DVD.


Voodoo Unicycles Team Video Available Now!

We’ve been working flat out over the last 3 weeks at Voodoo HQ and so we’re extremely proud to announce the release of our very first full Team video.

As a team we’ve been together promoting and growing the sport of extreme unicycling all over the UK for 5 years (It’s our 5th birthday this August). A team video has always been on the cards from day one, but the logistics of shooting and editing one are huge. We finally decided to put a couple of weeks aside and concentrate solely on getting it done.


We wanted to make this video a bit special so we have decided to go back to our roots and distribute it manually. Using our highly sophisticated and extremely expensive duplicating technique we have 45 copies on DVD. So, how do you get hold of a copy?

We’re giving it away for free!  With every wristband order we recieve, we’ll throw in a free copy of High Maintenance. Get over to our webshop and place your order.

Leo Time!

As you’re probably all aware, we have been shooting a team video over the last week or so. Most of us went out filming last week but Leo wasn’t available so we’re shooting his part today and tomorrow. In typical Leo fashion, this is what his unicycle looks like and we were supposed to be out riding an hour ago!IMG_7124

Behind the scenes of the Team Video

It’s a wet, miserable Friday here at Voodoo HQ. We don’t let that stop us though. We use down days to create content for your enjoyment and today is no exception. Edd is hard at work on our first ever team video.
Check out this sneaky screen shot of the edit so far!

Sneak preview

Voodoo Unicycles – Filming Tour Day 5

The tour climaxed back in London where we were hoping to hit up the Heygate Estate at Elephant and Castle. A legendary spot frequented by Trials bikers and Free Runners alike that was now nothing more than a shell and was ready to be demolished. Subsequently, this meant the place was surrounded by fences with signs warning us of the presence of guard dogs. We decided to reluctantly move on.


We had planned for this scenario and so knew that the Vauxhall walls, another Free running favourite, was nearby so ventured there. As is often the case when looking for spots on second hand information, we were worried that the spot would be totally useless but in the end it was quite a nice techy lay out, decent for Trials but with enough space and fluidity for Street. After about an hour, our luck ran out and we were threatened with police intervention by a resident. I’ll never understand why people care about us using an area, clearly designed with no other purpose in mind, completely out of the way, where we aren’t damaging property or endangering lives. The residence clearly don’t want to encourage productive, non violent or creative behaviour as they’ve taken the time to stick up “No Freerunners” signs. We walked back to the car and hit a few spots on the way with the lethargy of a team who’d be on the road for close to a week, riding for close to 12 hours per day.



The trip was over. Besides a little session at Eaton Bray skatepark, we’d completed our first video together.

The video will be available as a free download so keep your eyes on the website, Facebook and Twitter for the release.

Thanks to ATW Clothing, Stoats Porridge Oats and UK for all their support. Without their continued support, none of this would be possible.

Voodoo Unicycles – Filming Tour Day 4

Broken, bruised and bewildered, Team Voodoo struggled to get out of bed on Day 4. I don’t know how many of you have tried to ride all day, everyday for a prolonged period but your central nervous system is not concerned with video deadlines and Twitter retweets. Regardless, as true professionals, we powered on to Northampton Skate Plaza aka Radlands (Do people even say “rad” anymore? Did they ever say “rad” in the first place?).
The plaza was jam packed with a mix of lycra trouser wearing skaters and completely oblivious scooter kids, placing themselves in as many dangerous positions as they possibly could and then turning around to wear at their poor, poor parents.
In situations like this, it’s always hard to ease into riding. Anyone who’s ever ridden a skate park knows that it’s difficult enough to start hitting lines when judgemental teenagers are staring a hole through you but it’s even harder when you can barely find a place to stand without accidentally blocking someones’ path.
The highlight of the session had to be Simon nailing himself on the rail and if I’m perfectly honest, it will be the highlight of this blog post also. Picture below. Right click, “Save image as”.


Jason, being to Street for the confines of a manufactured skatepark environment, insisted we go for a Street ride so we hit Dunstable, hoping we could keep the locals at bay just long enough to get some decent lines.
You may have seen our remake of Danny Macaskill’s famous Inspired Bikes edit featuring Mike Taylor. The money shot obviously coming in the form of the famous spiked rail. As we walked past the Dunstable Conservative Club, we ironically spotted a spiked rail that would blow the Danny Mac one out of the water. Did Mike make it across? You’ll have to wait for the video, won’t you?


We then finished the evening at one of our favourite spots in Dunstable, an old abandoned factory, wasteland littered with grind boxes and other bits and pieces provided by Skaters. Some real creative lines went down here as well as much banter, playing with the leftovers of someone’s living room.


Despite feeling exhausted and in pain, there is no better feeling than that of accomplishment, especially in creative terms, when making a video or trying to hit a line you’ve had in your head. Leonardo Da Vinci once said “As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death”. Days like these just keep on coming.


Voodoo Unicycles – Filming Tour Day 3

The tour continues and Day 3 brought us to the big city, London. London has some iconic spots, some that we’d hit before, some that lay in wait.


We pulled in at Euston and after a decent walk, found ourselves at St Paul’s Cathedral. The fountain gap there is formidable, even for bikers, so naturally it was in Mike’s sights. However, due to a little stage fright caused by tourists transfixed on us and cameras in our faces, we decided to warm up on a lower profile spot which led us to The Barbican Centre.
None of us had ever ridden this spot, a cultural hub that seemed to be converted from an old housing estate. The labyrinth of walkway provided some awesome fluid riding with little human traffic, which helped speed up the process.


Due to all of the politics surround the Southbank Skate spot, it was a must that we hit it in this video as it may have been our last chance. Despite the graffiti backdrop being somewhat cliche, epic side hops and creative flat bank lines went well with the urban setting.


It was late in the day, we had walked miles and got some great footage and on the way back to the station, we struggled to find any spots that didn’t come with an aggressive security guard. Although, shout out to the security at Trafalgar Square who was super friendly and let us away with murder for a bit.


London is such a great city to ride, it’s hard not to come back with some inspiring footage. Definitely coming back for more before the tour ends.

Follow the tour on Twitter and Facebook too. Pictures and status updates are available throughout the day.

Voodoo Unicycles – Filming Tour Day 2

Day 2 of the Voodoo Unicycles filming tour saw us heading back to Milton Keynes to finish off all the great street spots it had to offer.


First stop was the second plaza up near the Snow Dome, equipped with moveable obstacles, moveable that is, if you happen to ride with 200kg weight lifters in your crew or come ready with a fork lift.
Moving on, we kept Mike busy with some Trials lines up at the theatre district of MK. His outrageous attempt at a gap caught the attention of some rowdy children and no doubt their subsequent cheering gave him the extra push he needed.


The day ended with an evening ride in Dunstable. Jason broke his seatpost earlier in the day so had switched to riding a hybrid composed of Edd’s Trials uni and his Street wheelset.
Not much riding was done, lots of chocolate milk was consumed.
One thing we’ve all learnt so far, riding all day every day is tiring work and we’re not as young as we used to be. Extreme Unicycling is a tough job.


Voodoo Unicycles – Filming Tour

This week, fresh from EUC, Team Voodoo riders Jason Auld, Simon Berry, Edd Hawkes and Mike Taylor embark on our first real attempt at a team video.
Accompanied by extended family member and chief videographer Alfred Hawkes, the boys will be journeying far and wide, to Milton Keynes, London, Dunstable and Northampton in order to create the best Street and Trials edit the UK Unicycling scene has to offer.


First day was in MK and got off to a great start. The crew know MK relatively well so scouting out spots was far from a problem. The Buszy skate plaza, so called because of it’s transformation from a bus station, provided us with a great warm up and some sick Street lines.
Here’s a sneak peak of our secret weapon, Alfred’s quadcopter. After a turbulent time on our Scotland road trip, the quadcopter is providing us with those steady, fluid shots that are impossible to capture any other way. This should give the film a completely unique feel.


Day 2, back to MK to nail those lines we missed yesterday. Follow us on Twitter, @voodoounicycles for constant updates on the tour.