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King of the Road 2013 Playlist – Which is your favourite?

All of this year’s King of the Road series is available live on the Voodoo Unicycles Youtube page but what we want to know is, which was your favourite?
Maybe it was Vinnie downing a whole pot of cinnamon, maybe it was Edd jumping over a sleeping hobo, or was it Rob’s Unicycling related rap, perhaps it was Leo chasing after sheep or maybe your favourite was Claire shotgunning cans like a boss.

Check out the King of the Road playlist and share your favourite video with the world.

Quintessentially Northern are King of the Road 2013 Champions!

After what was the most successful King of the Road series Team Voodoo have ever produced, we have a winner.
A group of young, up and coming northern riders take the crown in 2013, sweeping aside competition from experienced King of the Road veterans.

We’ve got one thing to add…Claire Page is a machine.

Check out the video below. Congrats to everyone who took part and made this year’s series possible.

The second place KOTR team is…

It’s the penultimate day of our King Of The Road marathon and the day we reveal second place.
Using a clever process of elimination you should be able to work out the winning team. There are two teams left, Quintessentially Northern and The Humble Bees.

Coming in second place are..

King Of The Road 2013 – Video Marathon Day 2!

Day 2 of our KOTR marathon sees the 4th place video released. What Would Joe (Baxter) Do came just in front of 3 Crumpets and a Croissant.
Three teams remaining, Quintessentially Northern, The Humble Bees and The Bangtidy Broskis. Who do you think came in 3rd?

WWJD was:

Aaron Roberts
Emily Johnson
Edd Hawkes
Jason Auld

Voodoo Unicycles – King Of The Road 2013 – WWJD from Voodoo Unicycles on Vimeo.

KOTR 2013 Video Marathon – Day 1

It’s day 1 of our week long King Of The Road 2013 video marathon!
The first video to be released is Team 3 Crumpets & 1 Croissant. 3C&1C came in 5th place and while they came in last points wise, their riding more than made up for it.

3 Crumpets and 1 Croissant was:
Matt Champion
Matt Kershaw
Rhys Robbins
Vinnie Sauvan

Here’s the video, we’ve got all the videos on both Youtube and Vimeo for your viewing pleasure.


3 crumpets and a croissant from Voodoo Unicycles on Vimeo.

Are you ready for King Of The Road?

This year we’ve been working as hard as we can on the King Of The Road videos to get them out as fast as possible. Last year it took us 6 months but this year we’ve got them all done already!
We’ll be releasing them slightly differently too. We’re going to have a KOTR marathon week. One video will be released per day for an entire week, starting with tomorrow!

Here’s a little bit of a sneak peak video to get you warmed up for the KOTR fest next week.

Top Fives: Edmund Leduc

This weeks Top Five is brought to you in association with Canadian street rider Edmund Leduc and Lara Beins.
Check out the awesome photo used with kind permission of Lara and read about Ed’s top five riding spots, foods, songs, riding videos and riders.

See the full size image in our Top Fives Gallery.

Top Fives - Edmund Leduc.jpg