Monthly Archives: March 2013

Voodoo Academies

It’s approaching the Easter break here in Bedfordshire and we’ve just taken the last Voodoo Academy class of the term. All the kids did really well, especially considering it was only a short term. We’ve setup classes next term and sent out letters, so hopefully some people will return to continue unicycling and we’ll see some new faces too.


To learn more about our Voodoo Academy classes, see our teaching page.

Voodoo Unicycles has a new website!

Check it out, Team Voodoo has a brand new website. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding more content and phasing out the old site. Expect everything the old site has and more!

Massive shoutout to Dan Liew who is also the UUU Secretary for giving me a crash course in CSS and staying up and walking me through stylesheets in the middle of the night. Cheers Dan!